Series VII

Series VII: Mathematical Writings

Edited by the Leibniz-Archiv / Leibniz-Forschungsstelle Hannover.


Begun in 1990. Volumes 3 to 7 are available online.

Leibniz's voluminous mathematical notes and manuscripts, some of them never previously published, demonstrate his interest in nearly all subfields of mathematics known in the 17th and early 18th centuries as well as his propensity to transcend their limits. From his time in Paris (1672-1676) to his death in Hanover (1716), Leibniz's writings on geometry, algebra, combinatorics, dyadics, number theory, the arithmetic squaring of the circle, differential calculus and other mathematical topics are published in this series.

VII, 1

1672-1676. Geometrie – Zahlentheorie – Algebra (1. Teil)
Druckausgabe: Berlin 1990

VII, 2

1672-1676. Algebra (2. Teil)
Druckausgabe: Berlin 1996

VII, 3

1672-1676. Differenzen, Folgen, Reihen
Druckausgabe: Berlin 2003

VII, 4

1670-1673. Infinitesimalmathematik
Druckausgabe: Berlin 2008

VII, 5

1674-1676. Infinitesimalmathematik
Druckausgabe: Berlin 2008

VII, 6

1673-1676. Arithmetische Kreisquadratur
Druckausgabe: Berlin 2012

VII, 7

1673-1676. Kurven, Constructio aequationum, Méthode de l’universalité
Druckausgabe: Berlin 2019

VII, 8

Varia mathematica, Nachträge 1670–1676 (in Bearbeitung)

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